The Sweat of Augury

by Unyielding Love

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  • The Sweat of Augury cassette
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Thredder.
    Art by Lotus Feast.
    Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

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released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Unyielding Love Belfast, UK

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Track Name: Abandon the Body
Flesh is defeat and hope will cease.
Infirmity swells in a sea of fucking midodrine.
Silken marrow cuts through the calm.
Assuaged, cleft in twain.
Wretch asunder.
Burdening flesh and abandon.

Cling to Life. Lecherous worth.
Cling to Life. Lecherous worth.
Afflicted and cleansed.

Serotonin collapsed through veins,
as a voracious lust for life,
to let go of the sapien frame.
Wither and feign.

You are it and it is you.
Track Name: Fleeting Joy
Rattled chain and scathing vein.
Pillars of igniting skin.
All words fail. Seismic lapse.
Rejoice in life’s impermanence.
Years of wrath and compassion are extinguished.
Waste away in permeable bliss.

All pain lingers.
Fleeting joy.
All pain lingers.
Fleeting joy.

Rattled chain and scathing vein.
Pillars of igniting skin.
All words fail. Seismic lapse.
Rejoicing life’s impermanence.

A knife to the blind eye.
Life is pain.
Track Name: Cruor Whelm
Divinations sought through viscera.
Barren marrow pansophy.
Imperfect replications and tendrils of cinder.

Haruspex selling promise.
Cataplexic ache. Cruor whelm.
A bleeding brux of revolt,
As your faith breeds death.
Your lust was ash and ash was given in plenty,
as the table tilts the axis will fucking shift.
Until you are nothing.

Embracing the crux that will upset the flow.
Maintained submission to the human form.
Worthless appendage. Rejection of the species.
Opia Avowel.
Death to charlatans.
Track Name: Die Hand Die Verletzt. Die Hand Die Erträgt
Stringing and unstringing every nerve.
Wandering in this, a loaded absence.
You are not being punished.
You are not being protected.
The hand that injures.
The hand that endures.
Track Name: Ardent Shroud
Rebirthed and rehashed ad nauseam.
Our tether was taut.
Fervently subservient.
These mistakes will reach you again.
Inverted presence, choking on dermis.
Endless regression fucking nailed to the past..
Passed and derivative.

Severed fibre.
Nurtured within it’s carapace.
Maladaptive identity.
These mistakes have reached you again.
This suffering does not cling to us, but we to it.
As we live,

Fibres unwound from the ardent shroud.
Track Name: Of Human Grease and Ash
Through what accord should thy nature abide?
Juniper hangs in a laden evening's breeze,
doused in lymph mist and marred in courtship.
An augury spent, sullied, and lost.

Chiastic ash belt. Blunted Instinct.
Born of precipice. Wrought as man.

And they will recover me in great abundance,
as ash picked from the mountainside.
Neglected and pulled.
Neglected and pulled from the bounteous yew,
and reduced by terrible energy.
Paradise as nothing.

Their grease and ash will touch the face of god.
Their grease and ash will mar the face of god.
Track Name: The Pregnant Hurt
A stomach churns, sharpening its contents.
Trembling terra firma.
Form is emptiness.
Emptiness. Formlessness.
These are set in motion.
Track Name: Sweated Augury
Endless unrest.
Dredged born entropy.
Flourishing ictus.
Sated levity.

Despite everything there will never exist,
One single ounce of contentment before the end.
And the end will be sporadic and violent.
Blindingly aware.
Slouching and wilting into the emphatic bloom.
Approach the sordid verge.
Wrapped in the throes of death.
Endless unrest.